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Parents attending Learning Lab

On Monday, October 4th, our very own Goldenrod families attended our first Parent Learning Lab! This program was put in motion from parents feedback requesting ways to help their children at home.  

Our first learning labs were about the RACE and CUBES strategies. Mr. Herendeen walked families through how to use the CUBES strategy that their child is using in class to assist them in solving word problems. The strategy asks students to Circle the numbers, Underline the question, Box any action words, Evaluate the steps, and Solve and Check. By remembering these steps students show increased levels of performance on grade level math problems.

Race Writing Strategy

Mrs. Bing, introduced the RACE strategy and had families work on their child’s grade level text to complete a graphic organizer. Students are using RACE to complete any extended responses. When provided with a prompt, students use this strategy to Restate the question, Answer the question, Cite the text evidence, and Explain in their own words. This assist them in the organization of their writing!  

Parents loved the labs! They were amazed at the quality of work their children were doing in class, and urged us to have many more Learning Labs. We look forward to preparing Parent Learning Labs monthly! If you have a topic, or need that you would like us to prepare, please contact us! We can’t wait till our next lab!